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Corporate Principales and values

Our corporate principles are based on values, and they become the beliefs that all components of the organization have on their daily work.

  • Ethics: The daily act of the Sanatorium Agua de Dios is based on socially accepted moral norms such as respect, honesty, responsibility, fairness and tolerance.
  • Professionalism: The Sanatorium of Agua de Dios has the capacity techniques, and humanistic and Scientific, for an optimal result for their work and achievemen of its purposes to meet health needs and achieve social impact business growth.
  • Service Vocation: People who are part of the sanatorium, are aware that their work is directed at meeting the health needs of users and the contribution to improving their quality of life.
  • Sense of Belonging:The partners of the Sanatorium Agua de Dios feel as part of the company if the company and in return receives them as his strength and vital essence.
  • Teamwork: All human talent that makes up the Sanatorium Agua de Dios E.S.E, knows and recognizes the work of all and contributes to achieving synchronized institutional goals.The values are the philosophic lifeblood of roles and responsibilities, and compliance to build a better company with the highest social benefit.
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