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Agua de Dios is one of the 116 municipalities that belong to the Department of Cundinamarca, located in the Upper Magdalena Province, halfway between the capital of the Republic of Colombia, Bogota, 114 km of Girardot 23 km and 12 km of Tocaima enjoys warm climate with an average temperature of 27 ° C and a height of 400 m. asl. Tocaima bordered on the north and east, with Nilo and Ricaurte on the south and the west by Ricaurte. The city is in a plain, bordered by small hills, which highlights the Cerro de la Cruz, which serves as a pantry water for Los Chorros, which supply water to the population and possess medicinal hot springs.

Despite all the uncertainties facing the country and what disturbed public order, we can say that even Agua de Dios is a haven of peace and quiet, a hidden Eden, a town of friendly people who continue to fight, forgetting that past of sadness and hardship, people who is optimistic about the future, as if remembering and being felt at every moment that epithet given in 1973 by the historian Roberto Velandia, " Agua de Dios: City of Hope."

That is to say that Agua de Dios's history is immense, full of anecdotes and facts that have occurred over 132 years of existence, a story that was divided in 1961 with Law 148. There have been two opposite sides, the first consisting of drastic measures against Hansen's sick and the second of a freedom that broke the oppression of those who dictate all sorts of rules against common people.

That is history. Agua de Dios was and remains a town to host suffering from leprosy, the hansen patient.

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